Fragrance Formulas

Bedoukian Fragrance Formulas

The Perfumers at Bedoukian have created fragrance formulas that demonstrate the effect our fragrance ingredients have. Recent accords are listed below and show how our ingredients can enhance other scents and improve the overall scent used in products. Our fragrance ingredients positively impact our own fragrance formulations as well formulas created by our customers. Request a demonstration of our fragrance ingredients in a fragrance formula.

The Bedoukian fragrance formulas listed below are for demonstration purposes only and do not hold any regulatory significance.  Please click on the ingredient name or formula to see detailed specifications. 

Before using any of the accords in actual products, please check with IFRA, customers and local regulatory agencies.


2-OCTEN-4-ONE (BRI #614)

Apritone® (BRI #410)

Cerezoate™ (BRI #512)

Cardamom Aldehyde® FCC (BRI #381)

Cis-6-Nonenol FCC (BRI #337)

Ethyl 2,4-Decadienoate (BRI #433)

Ethyl Vanillin Propylene Glycol Acetal (BRI #831)

Fruitaleur™ (BRI #9840)

Honeyflor™ (BRI #123)

Hydrofleur® (BRI #279-SUS)

Lactone of Cis Jasmone (BRI #411)

Lavender Aldehyde™ FCC (BRI #857 and BRI #857-SUS)

Limediene™ (BRI #962)

Nuezate™ (BRI #728)

Methyl Anjoulate™ (BRI #535)

Tangelal® (BRI #387)

Terrasol™ FCC (BRI #818-SUS)

Trans-2-Decen-1-Al FCC (BRI #354)

Valencial® FCC (Formerly 2-Dodecenal [High Trans] (BRI #356-SUS)

Vionil™ 10% in Dipropylene Glycol (BRI #640DPG)


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