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Learn the Details on Bedoukian Products

If you need specifications on how Bedoukian Research’s products perform, or if you want other product details about Bedoukian flavor and fragrance ingredients including Kosher/Halal/Food Grade certification or even suggested applications, our technical data sheets are only a click or two away.  Use the search bar at the top of every page to search our database for relevant ingredients and click on the link for the product’s technical data sheet. Just begin your search by typing in identifier codes or key characteristics in the search bar at the top of any page or below:

IF you are not looking for details on a specific Bedoukian ingredient, you can use our i-catalog to identify which of our products may meet your needs.  You can then access technical data about any of our ingredients.

Check Out Our Search Tips

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What can I do if I don’t find the product I am seeking?

Try phrasing your request in a different way by shortening the keyword(s) used. For example, if you are looking for an unsaturated C10 alcohol, enter DECEN-1-OL as the product name in the search box. If you do not find what you are looking for, try DECEN to broaden your search. Remember to also use spaces to separate words.

How do I find Nature Identical Materials?

If you are interested in seeing all our Nature Identical offerings, click on Nature Identical and choose “Yes”. “No” will give you the products that don’t qualify as Nature Identical and “Both” will give you a list of all products.

How do I search for a product if I do not have any of the details?

You may want to try our i-catalog that will allow you to narrow down our products based upon qualities that interest you.

How do I search for a product?

You can conduct a quick search by typing in keywords for a product or product codes in the search bar. You can also search using the CAS/FEMA numbers, synonyms and primary aroma/flavor. The results from the search will list any product that includes the search term.

If you are unable to find the product you are looking for, you may submit a request via our Custom Request Form