Custom Products

We Can Create Custom Products for You

For over fifty years, Bedoukian has been developing custom products and specialty molecules from complicated chemical processes.  While we are a leader in producing sought-after flavor and fragrance ingredients, the expertise we have developed from that business is something we use to help others with their own ingredients. 

We understand that some companies may want custom products designed specifically to meet their needs and our industry-leading R&D team, staffed with PhD’s and other chemistry experts are ready to create custom flavor and fragrance molecules for companies like yours.  We also have the equipment and knowledge to produce your custom product in quantity at our world-class manufacturing facility.  These qualities make Bedoukian Research uniquely qualified to produce your custom aroma and flavor ingredients. 

Our process in creating custom products is simple despite the complexity of the chemistry we employ to develop high-impact flavor and fragrance molecules. We simply work with our customers to first understand the flavor or fragrance profile they wish to have us fill and then we define the technical specifications of the custom product.   Designing the desired molecule is next and the final step is in scaling production, using our state-of-the-art equipment, to produce the your custom product.  Like everything we manufacture, the new flavor or scent ingredient receives stability and application testing. 

For more information on products we can produce to meet your needs, contact us today.