Toll Processing

Toll Processing To Support Your Business

Toll processing, also known as toll manufacturing, is when a company with specialized skills and facilities provides custom manufacturing for another company. Many companies have a product in development but do not have the facilities to manufacture it at scale.  The investment in building the production expertise and facilities may require too much time and cost.  Bedoukian can help.

Bedoukian Research has a unique expertise in multi-step chemistry.  We have numerous PhD’s and other chemists on staff and we have world-class manufacturing facilities.  Our state-of-the-art manufacturing includes chemical reactors that can produce a wide range of products.  Our distillation facilities remove impurities and odors that other companies often cannot match.  Bedoukian’s expertise and facilities are perfect for producing custom products in biotech, natural oils, crude chemical mixtures and more. 

If you have a product and need the manufacturing support that Bedoukian is uniquely equipped to provide, complete our custom inquiry form to learn more about our toll processing services.