Featured Fragrance Ingredients

For fifty years, Bedoukian Research has been producing innovative molecules for fragrance applications. These aromas are used in popular personal care, home care, fine fragrance and other consumer products around the world. For each new molecule, extensive stability and application testing is performed to better demonstrate how the ingredient can be used by perfumers.

For this year’s featured fragrance ingredient collection please see below. 

Honeyflor™ (BRI 123): A powerful green note with a strong floral character supported by softly sweet and warm honey undertones. Works as a universal floralizer, imparting a harmonizing, delicate sparkling effect to green floral compositions, specifically hyacinth and muguet.

TRANS-2-DECEN-1-AL FCC (BRI 354): A fatty, diffusive, orange odor with floral, rosy topnotes. Sweet aldehydic, green odor that blends well with citrus and floral compositions.

GAMMA-JASMOLACTONE (BRI 467): A powerful, clean, creamy coconut with the floralcy of jasmine and fruitiness of peach and apricot. Can be used in jasmine or fruity compositions.

Hydrofleur™ (BRI 279): A powerful, crisp, watery, and ozonic effect with bedewed white floral notes reminiscent of muguet and tuberose, combined with fruity shades of raspberry and melon. Works extremely well in floral and fruity types to which it adds freshness, radiance, and complexity.

Nuezate™ (BRI 728): Fresh, characteristic black walnut combined with sophisticated woody undertones and a subtle fruity odor in the mix. Excellent for emphasizing nutty notes and reinforcing spice notes. Blends nicely with woody notes i.e. patchouli and fougere, chypre and oriental types adding complexity, depth and a touch of elegance to any fragrance.

Tangelal™ (Formerly Cis-4-Dodecenal (BRI 387)): A powerful and long-lasting fresh, aldehydic citrus aroma with a mandarin, orange peel impression blending well with citrus compositions, imparting a sweeter mandarin top note to all fragrance types.

Fruitaleur™ (BRI 9840): A fruity-tropical odor with a sparkling ethereal character enriched with subtle notes of pear and pineapple. Useful for imparting juicy pineapple, red fruit and blueberry notes working well in a variety of fruity and green complexes.

Vionil™ (BRI 640N): An extremely powerful green floral character with distinct notes of orris and violet leaf supported by shades of fresh cucumber and a hint of walnut. Used in challenging applications where aldehydes are not applicable and a long lasting, substantive violet-green floralcy is desired.

Terrasol™ FCC (BRI 818): A powerful earthy, ambergris odor with patchouli and oakmoss top notes. A great choice for heavy oud and oriental types. Can add richness and lift to floral and green notes, particularly in fine fragrance, but is suitable for applications involving aggressive bases where stability is needed.

Valencial™ FCC (Formerly 2-Dodecenal [High Trans] (BRI 356)): An aldehydic, waxy mandarin orange odor with cilantro-like herbal type nuances. Has many uses – working particularly well as a top note to achieve a fresh, clean effect or for balancing out the heavy notes in a citrus complex. 

Lavender Aldehyde™ FCC (BRI 857): A powerful and diffusive woody (cedar), herbaceous aroma with lavender overtones and a hint of blueberry. Blends well with bergamot, clary sage, and citrus types. Excels in floral and gourmand compositions and can be used to boost ozonic notes in fragrances. 

Apritone™ (BRI 410): Tenacious, ripe fleshy apricot with peach and jasmine undertones. Sugary, sweet, and reminiscent of cooked fruit. Extremely long lasting with a rare fruity and natural character. Makes a significant contribution to peach and jasmine based fragrances.

Cardamom Aldehyde™ FCC (BRI 381): A unique spicy, aldehydic, citrus note reminiscent of the exhilarating odor of freshly crushed cardamom pods with shades of chamomile and mandarin. Powerful and extremely diffusive, working well to compliment and boost citrus, spice, and herbal types. A great top note for all types. 

Limediene™ (BRI 962): An extremely powerful lemon-lime top note with a unique combination of tropical and watery notes drying down to an exquisite white truffle. Works particularly well for adding freshness and lift to citrus, floral and cool water types.

Orrisol™ (BRI 330): A green, floral odor with notes of orris and hints of melon and cucumber. Blends well with all fruity, floral, and herbal types.

Cis-6-Nonenal (BRI 380): A powerful fresh cucumber, fruity, melon odor. Imparts a natural juicy effect to melon and fruity types, especially red and tropical fruits. Works well in all applications, leading up to and including fine fragrance.

Lactone of Cis Jasmone™ (BRI 411): A clean, fruity and comfortable jasmine absolute note. Used primarily to impart natural, soft petal-like properties to floral types, especially white florals like jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose.

Tropical Dienoate™ (BRI 536): A sweet, ethereal, juicy pineapple odor with shades of pear, mango and passion fruit. Can be used in floral and citrus compositions to impart the warmth of tropical fruits to the top and middle notes of a fragrance.

Ethyl 2,4-Decadienoate (BRI 433): An enticing green, characteristic odor of a Bartlett pear combined with crisp and clean tropical fruit nuances. Can be used in a variety of fruit compositions as well as for imparting juicy, ripe Bartlett pear notes of distinction to fruity florals.

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