The World Perfumery Congress Returned to Europe with Bedoukian Demonstrating its High-Impact Ingredients

Last week, Bedoukian Research, Inc. exhibited at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) 2024.Throughout the three-day show, attendees had the opportunity to meet with the Bedoukian team and experience the company’s high-impact fragrance molecules.

The global fragrance event was held in Geneva Switzerland from June 25-27, 2024.  The theme for this year was, “Fragrance Forward; Where Global Innovation and Creativity Meets” and speakers at the conference presented trends, regulations, technology – including artificial intelligence, and more.

The exhibit hall featured a variety of companies including fragrance ingredient suppliers like Bedoukian.  These exhibitors presented their products to the more than 1000 perfumers, R&D experts, buyers and other attendees.  Bedoukian’s booth was staffed by its international sales team with representatives from Singapore, Switzerland and the U.S.  The team also included the company’s perfumer consultant, the application lab manager and the vice president of sales and marketing.  The company’s booth had a steady stream of visitors wanting to smell the high-quality ingredients Bedoukian presented.

Bedoukian demonstrated four fragrance ingredients at the event in four different accords.  Three of these ingredients are part of Bedoukian’s sustainable ingredient portfolio which focuses on molecules with a high percentage of renewable carbon.  Sustainable ingredients are becoming increasingly important to customers.  Last year, Bedoukian began identifying ingredients in its portfolio that are sustainable and has been actively presenting theses at industry events while the company explores ways to expand its list of sustainable ingredients. 

Bedoukian presented the following at the WPC:

  • BRI #535, Methyl Anjoulate™. BRI #535, Methyl Anjoulate was launched last year and offers a smooth, natural, green, sweet Anjou pear aroma with sugary notes.  It is particularly useful to add green pear notes to fruity and tropical accords including apple, mango and pear, and it can add sweetness to a woody accord.  At the WPC, BRI #535, Methyl Anjoulate was presented in a cinnamon and apple fragrance.  It was also effectively demonstrated in a shampoo.
  • BRI #857-SUS, Lavender Aldehyde™. BRI #857-SUS, Lavender Aldehyde is one of the three sustainable ingredients Bedoukian presented at the WPC.  BRI #857-SUS, Lavender Aldehyde is composed of 100% renewable carbon and has a very powerful, natural, and herbaceous character with hints of cocoa, bergamot, and lavender. It is powerful and diffusive, and blends well with bergamot, clary sage, and citrus types. BRI #857-SUS, Lavender Aldehyde excels in floral and gourmand compositions, specifically lavender and chocolate. It is also great in fougere types and the ingredient has no allergen issues.  A lavender bouquet accord was presented with the ingredient at the WPC and it was also demonstrated in a liquid hand soap.
  • BRI #818-SUS, Terrasol™ FCC. BRI #818-SUS, Terrasol FCC is another of the sustainable ingredients Bedoukian presented at the event as it is composed of 100% renewable carbon. BRI #818-SUS, Terrasol FCC offers an extremely powerful earthy, ambergris odor with a patchouli top note. It imparts a powerful and diffusive ambery character with undertones of patchouli and oakmoss, and blends extremely well with oriental compositions.  The advantage of this ingredient is that it boosts notes of difficult-to-source patchouli.  In turn, it was shown in a patchouli and amber accord at the WPC as well as in a laundry detergent.
  • BRI 809-SUS, 1,3,5-Undecatriene FCC. BRI 809-SUS, 1,3,5-Undecatriene FCC is another of Bedoukian’s sustainable ingredients.  It offers powerful and diffusive green, galbanum and peppery notes, that provides naturalness and a lift to a range of odor types.  This ingredient was demonstrated in a new accord, Vert De Citron.  BRI 809-SUS, 1,3,5-Undecatriene FCC was also effectively demonstrated in a laundry detergent.  BRI 809-SUS, 1,3,5-Undecatriene FCC has a particularly low cost-in-use due to its strength.

Nathalie Leandri, Bedoukian’s Global Sales Director, F&F, commented, “There is nothing else quite like the WPC.  It allows us to easily meet with many perfumers from all over the world as we are all together in one place.”  Nathalie Leandri continued, “Meeting with everyone is the main benefit but getting real-time feedback on our ingredients is also very valuable.  It is also great to have our team together since it fosters bonding and great ideas.”

For any company that was unable to attend the WPC, you can see more details on what was presented at  We also encourage you to contact your Bedoukian salesperson to request samples of Bedoukian’s fragrance ingredients or to schedule a demonstration.  The sales team includes: