The CSA Northeast Roundtable Provided a Great Venue for Bedoukian to Demonstrate its Products.

On May 9, 2024, Bedoukian once again presented its high-quality flavor ingredients during the CSA Northeast Roundtable held at the Newark International Airport Marriott. Veronica McBurnie, Clarisa Braier, Maha Ali, and Rachael Chandler represented Bedoukian at the event.

The event, featured two dozen companies presenting their materials to approximately 200 attendees.  As in the past, the roundtable format allowed groups to join a flavor supplier like Bedoukian and receive a 20-minute presentation on that supplier’s ingredients before moving onto another supplier’s table.

Throughout the day, Bedoukian’s table was busy with attendees interested in sampling the three ingredients Bedoukian was featuring at this event.  Each of Bedoukian’s products were demonstrated in a flavored drink and on a blotter.  

Spilanthol (BRI # 255) (2E,6E/Z,8E)-N-(2-methyl propyl)-2,6,8-decatrienamide) was presented in a green mint beverage.  Cerezoate™ (BRI #512) (3-Pentenoic acid, 2-methyl-, ethyl ester) was presented in a cherry beverage.  Orrisol™ (BRI #330) (3,6-Nonadienol) was presented in a blueberry beverage.  Visitors to Bedoukian’s table were also given a breath spray that contained Spilanthol that they could take away with them.

Clarisa Braier, Bedoukian’s F&F Sales Manager for the Americas, attended the event for the first time with Bedoukian and had this to say, “The CSA Roundtable is such a great event as it allows us to sit down face-to-face with so many flavorists for them to sample our products.  We are able to engage directly in a dialog and immediately respond to any questions they may have. It was also great to hear the positive feedback on the products we demonstrated.  I look forward to being part of the Bedoukian team at the CSA Roundtable events in the future.”

For any company that was unable to attend or meet with Bedoukian during the CSA Northeast Roundtable, you can get more details on the products that Bedoukian demonstrated at and we encourage you to contact Clarisa Braier to schedule demonstrations or request samples via email at