How do I search for a product?

Quick Search: 

At the top right of every page is a box for a “Simple Search”.  By entering keywords or product codes you can get a list of Bedoukian ingredients that contain what you enter. You can also use this field for CAS/FEMA numbers.

Advanced Search: 

On the right of the Home Page is a larger button for “Advanced Search”  It will take you to a page where you can search via keyword, BRI Product Code, CAS #, FEMA #, synonyms, odor, etc.

Note: These are all-encompassing searches and may give multiple results for what is entered. For example, entering “444” will result in BRI Product Code 444 and any products whose CAS/FEMA numbers contain 444 within them.

All Flavors: 

If you are interested in seeing all our Flavor offerings, go to the bottom of the Advanced Search options and click “FEMA” or “EU FLAVIS”.

Nature Identical Materials: 

If you are interested in seeing all Nature Identical offerings, click on Nature Identical at the bottom of the Advanced Search options and choose “Yes”. “No” will give you the products that don’t qualify as Nature Identical and “Both” will give you a list of all products.

What can I do if I don’t find the product I’m looking for?

Try phrasing your request in a different way by shortening the key word(s) used.

For example, if you are looking for an unsaturated C10 alcohol, enter DECEN-1-OL as the product name in the Keyword Search area. If you do not find what you are looking for, try DECEN to broaden your search.

Please use spaces to separate words.  

If you still can’t find the product you are looking for, you may submit a request via our Custom Inquiry form, which can be found on the drop down for Contact on the main menu.

Be sure to give us all the information about the product and we’ll determine if we can make it for you.

How do I find documents such as the Specifications, MSDS, Kosher/Halal/Food Grade certificates, etc. for a product?

When you generate a list of ingredients matching your search (using the Advanced Search or the Simple Search) each listed ingredient has icons with links to the related documentation.  They will be shown underneath the ingredient name.