Perfumer & Flavorist+ Interviews Robert and David Bedoukian

Bedoukian Research, Inc. (BRI) has its past, present and future featured in a podcast on Perfumer & Flavorist’s website.

Jenna Rimensnyder, Managing Editor of Perfumer & Flavorist+, along with Associate Publisher Paige Crist, visited Bedoukian Research at its Danbury headquarters and interviewed Bedoukian Research’s President, Robert Bedoukian, as well as one of the third generation of Bedoukians in the business, David Bedoukian, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. On the recorded podcast, the Bedoukians discuss celebrating 50 years in the Flavor and Fragrance industry, the company’s humble beginnings and more.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety:

P&F Bedoukian Podcast