Over 90 Years of Experience

From April 2022:

Mac Peat Photo


Experience is the most valuable commodity an employee can bring to a company.  95 years of experience is invaluable!

After serving in the Army, Maclyn (Mac) Peat graduated in 1947 from Michigan State College.  After a few years of developing water treatment chemicals for commercial power plants, Mac joined Morton Salt Co. in Chicago and became acquainted with the food industry.  Mac then moved on to Stange Co where he helped develop the seasoning mix for Hamburger Helper as well as seasonings and gravy mixes for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Additional employers followed and over the decades, Mac made significant contributions to products from Hillshire Farms, Johnsonville Sausage, and more.

After a great career working for many food industry leaders, Mac ultimately decided to retire in 2000.  However, Mac’s experience was too valuable for him to fully retire.  He soon began representing different companies.  One of those companies was Bedoukian Research and, twenty years after “retiring”, Mac is still meeting with Bedoukian’s customers and prospective customers to help them understand the flavor ingredients Bedoukian produces.

At 95, Mac certainly has earned the right to fully retire, but we, at Bedoukian, are appreciative of his continued service to our company and we are happy to have him support our business using his over nine decades of experience.