I Scream. You Scream. Bedoukian Screams for Ice Cream!

Each month, a strangely configured truck arrives at Bedoukian’s production campus and begins to dole out ice cream to employees.  A line of Bedoukian employees enter the vehicle where they select the flavors and toppings for their frozen treats. The employees enjoy this delight during a break from work or they may save it to enjoy later.  And here’s the scoop on the ice cream, it does not cost the employees anything.  It’s a thank you gift to the staff from their employer!

A few years ago, Bedoukian Research wanted to show its appreciation to its employees for their hard work.  The idea of providing an ice cream treat was started right before COVID and continued throughout the epidemic.  During this time, employees were provided with pre-scooped and individually packaged ice cream treats. 

Ice Cream Emergency, a mobile ice cream service, brings the ice cream to the employees in a truck resembling an ambulance and staffed by an ice cream expert in medical scrubs. Once a month, Ice Cream Emergency now brings six different flavors of hand-scooped, premium ice cream (and more than that number of toppings) directly to Bedoukian employees.  This has proven to be the perfect way to say “thank you” to the Bedoukian staff.

Starting in the warmer months, Bedoukian has the Ice Cream Emergency truck set up operations in the parking lot.  The arrival of the tasty pleasure was intensely anticipated at the start of last month when Bedoukian’s ice cream season began.  On April 2, the second visit of the 2024 season will occur with employees sure to line up for their ice cream truck at the start of each month until the season ends in October.

“While we all enjoy the sweet pleasure Ice Cream Emergency brings Bedoukian each month, this is really more about the employees,” said Caryn Hasseltine, Human Resources Director for Bedoukian.  “We know we have the best employees in the industry and that they work hard to produce our high-quality products.  It is important to do things to show the employees that the company appreciates all they do for our business.  Ice Cream Emergency is just one of the efforts we make to acknowledge and reward our employees.” 

Given that a large portion of Bedoukian’s business relates to creating flavor ingredients, it is nice for the company to give its employees a break each month to indulge in some frozen flavors.