Happy Retirement, Paul!

After 38 years of dedicated service; Paul Levin has decided to retire, escape to warmer climes and combine his long-standing passions of chemistry and whiskey to distillations more commonly found in Scottish stills.

Paul fell in love with Organic Chemistry while at Western Connecticut State University and always considered himself to be exceptionally fortunate to be able to work (right down the street) at Bedoukian. It is an understatement to say that the feeling was mutual.

Paul was very thoughtful in his statements and actions; nothing was ever rash or ill conceived. Often, he would seem to be the quiet one during a discussion, but he was absorbing the comments of others and formulating an opinion that was well thought-out and logical.

Paul was great at chemistry, frank in his opinions, honest in his actions and quick with his light hearted humor.

As the Scots say: Tapadh leat (thank you) for your loyalty, pragmatism and hard work. We wish you the best in your well-deserved retirement.


– Robert Bedoukian & Everyone at Bedoukian Research