Featured Flavor Ingredients

Bedoukian Research has been creating and producing innovative molecules for flavor applications for fifty years,  These flavor ingredients are used in popular food and beverage products across the globe. For each new molecule, extensive stability and application testing is performed to better demonstrate how the ingredient can be used by a flavorist.

For this year’s featured flavor ingredient collection please see below:

Pomelo aldehyde™ (BRI 369): Juicy grapefruit character with zesty, citrus peel notes. Excellent for citrus flavors. Works well at enhancing fresh, juicy notes, especially those characteristic of grapefruit, pomelo and yuzu.

6-METHYL HEPTANAL (BRI 282): Fresh, juicy, citrus character reminiscent of grapefruit. Excellent for adding fresh, juicy grapefruit notes to a variety of applications, especially flavored beverages and confectionery products.

Tangelal™ (BRI 387): Strong, waxy, aldehydic citrus peel notes. Useful in a variety of citrus flavors, especially orange, tangerine, and mandarin.

Terrasol™ FCC (BRI 818): Strong, earthy, characteristic root vegetable notes. Excellent for root vegetable flavors at higher levels. Adds a naturalness to lime flavors at lower levels. Also interesting for root beer and mushroom flavors.

TRANS-2-DECEN-1-AL FCC (BRI 354): Waxy, citrus peel notes. Great for citrus flavors, especially orange and grapefruit. Also good for other fruit flavors, especially tropical.

Nuezate™ (BRI 728): Fresh, characteristic black walnut, woody. Adds earthy notes typical of many tree nuts to sweet and roasted applications. Enhances brown and nutty flavors, particularly maple and walnut.

2-ACETYL-5-METHYL FURAN (BRI 853): A strong, nutty, hay-coumarin odor. Used in caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, meat, tobacco, almond and other nut flavors.

2-OCTEN-4-ONE (BRI 614): Sweet, fruity, slightly musty, characteristic fresh strawberry. Can be used for a variety of fruity and berry flavors, especially strawberry where it adds natural, fresh picked notes.

4,5-EPOXY-(E)-2-DECENAL (BRI 737): Powerful, green, metallic character with beany (soy-like) back notes. Adds a unique natural note to an assortment of savory products like broths, soups and plant-based meat alternatives as well as in pet food where aroma is most important. 12-

METHYLTRIDECANAL (BRI 284MCT): Fatty, waxy notes associated with grilled meat (tallow, lard, chicken fat). Fatty notes to enhance grilled meat notes in a variety of savory products.

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