Featured Flavor Ingredients

For nearly 50 years, Bedoukian Research has continued to create and produce innovative molecules for flavor applications that are used in products across the globe. For each new molecule, extensive stability and application testing is performed to better demonstrate how these ingredients can be used by flavorist. For this year’s featured flavor ingredient collection please see below.

Pear Acetate (BRI 179): Green and fruity with fleshy notes of pear. Adds naturalness to a variety of green fruity flavors. Good for pear, apple, melon, kiwi, guava, yumberry, tropical and other fruit flavors.

Apritone (BRI 410): Smooth, pulpy apricot, sweet pit fruit character with floral back notes. Adds a luscious, natural fruit character that is excellent for enhancing juicy notes found in pit fruit flavors, such as apricot, peach, plum, cherry and lychee.

Fruitaleur (BRI 9840): Sweet, fruity, ripe apple character. Excellent for red fruit flavors, especially apple and strawberry. Can also be used to enhance berry and tropical fruit flavors, such as pineapple and durian. 

Terrasol FCC (BRI 818): Strong, earthy, characteristic root vegetable notes. Excellent for root vegetable flavors at higher levels. Adds a naturalness to lime flavors at lower levels. Also interesting for root beer and mushroom flavors.

Tropical Dienoate (BRI 536): Bright, sweet, characteristic fresh pineapple notes. Excellent for enhancing ripe, juicy notes in tropical fruit applications, especially pineapple, mango and passion fruit.

Guavanate (BRI 493): Exotic, musty, tropical character reminiscent of pink guava. Adds a natural, exotic character to a variety of tropical formulations, such as guava, mango, longan, passion fruit, pineapple and more. Can also be used to enhance creamy notes of coconut and sweet dairy flavors.

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