Featured Flavor Ingredients

For over 40 years Bedoukian has been creating innovative molecules for flavor applications, which are used in products across the globe. For each new molecule, application testing is performed to better demonstrate how these ingredients can be used by flavorists. Click here for advanced search.

Methyl 3-Nonenoate (High Trans) (BRI 513): A sweet, fresh apple note with hints of melon. Excellent in red fruit applications, especially strawberry. Also useful in other fruit flavors such as melon, apple, pear and tropical varieties. Click here to request a sample.

Pomelo Aldehyde (BRI 369): A very good grapefruit character with other waxy citrus peel notes. Excellent for citrus flavors, working well at enhancing fresh, juicy pulpy notes, especially those characteristic of grapefruit and pomelo. Click here to request a sample.

Hazelnut Furan FCC (BRI 858): Excellent for sweet nut flavors, especially hazelnut, almond, and pistachio. Also works well at enhancing roasted nut notes in a variety of flavors including chocolate, coffee, and savory applications. Click here to request a sample.

Tropical Dienoate (BRI 536): Excellent for pineapple notes. Also great for brightening and enhancing the ripe, juicy aspects of a variety of tropical fruit flavors, especially mango and passion fruit. Click here to request a sample.

Cerezoate (BRI 512): Fruity and sweet notes reminiscent of apple, cherry, and strawberry. Very useful in berry flavors, especially strawberry. Can also be used for general fruity notes in pineapple and various tropical fruit flavors. Click here to request a sample.


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