Bedoukian Schools Students on Flavors and Fragrances

For fifty years, Bedoukian Research, Inc. has been a leader in the flavor and fragrance industry, but more recently, some of its employees are helping lead the next generation of potential flavor and fragrance experts.

In November, Juan De Jesus, Bedoukian’s Procurement and Sourcing Specialist, returned to his alma mater, The State University of New York at New Paltz, and spoke to a group of students interested in learning more about the flavor and fragrance industry and how their chemistry classes may lead to an exciting career making products that consumers buy, smell and taste better.

The month prior, Kate Godlewska, Bedoukian’s Operations Manager, met with a different set of students.  Kate presented to a class of 7th graders at Van Wyck Junior High School in Wappingers Falls, NY.  She gave an overview of the company and made students aware of the flavor and fragrance industry, which many students had never really thought about before.  The students smelled various Bedoukian ingredients and were shown how they might be used in some of the consumer products they are familiar with.

These are just two examples of Bedoukian, and its employees, working to increase awareness and understanding of the flavor and fragrance industry and Bedoukian’s role in it. 

“The hope is, by presenting to students, they will know about and consider employment in the flavor and fragrance industry and will be excited enough to pursue STEM classes that will make them a success in this industry as well as in society in the future,” commented Juan De Jesus. 

Kate Godlewska added, “It is so exciting to watch younger students ‘get it’ as they realize that the products they consume are better because of the scents or flavors that were added to them.  They smell the demos and smile as they understand that chemistry helped create what they are experiencing.”  Kate continued, “It’s wonderful to think, that maybe some day, one of the students who were part of these presentations, may be working alongside me.” 

Robert Bedoukian, President of Bedoukian Research, Inc. stated his support for these educational programs, “We are so happy to make people aware of the wonderful flavor and fragrance industry and are pleased that our employees are reaching out and scheduling presentations like these to students of all ages.  In the long run, it will benefit the students, and it may benefit our company with future educated and motivated employees.  Thanks, Kate and Juan!”