Bedoukian Research Supports Healthcare Workers by Helping them Care for Themselves

“Zen Dens” are now open at Danbury hospital and offer the hospital staff a peaceful escape to recharge during their busy day. The Zen Dens were made available, in part, by donations from Bedoukian Research, Inc as well as Robertet and Takasago.

Danbury Hospital, a 456-bed acute care hospital, has been serving communities in Fairfield County, Connecticut for over 130 years. The hospital has delivered award-winning patient care, however, its staff, like others at hospitals around the world, are being stressed by the Covid-19 pandemic, RSV and the flu outbreaks, as well as other care and treatment needs for the surrounding towns. Understanding the unprecedented stresses that hospital staff has faced in the past few years, Danbury Hospital wanted to create space for its medical team to care for themselves.

A dozen Zen Dens have been opened at the hospital. These new Zen Dens are located throughout the hospital and offer relaxing lighting, white noise machines, calming scents as well as a massage chair. The hospital staff is able to use the rooms for a 15-minute relax and recharge break.
The hospital staff loves the new Zen Dens, and their use has only increased since they were installed. The staff often uses them at the end of a shift to decompress before heading home, so the Zen Dens are also benefitting the families of the healthcare worker.”

Dr. Robert Bedoukian, President of Bedoukian Research commented, “With these new Zen Dens, we hope the staff at Danbury Hospital get what they need to provide the care the community needs. We also hope Danbury Hospital workers get some sense of our appreciation for all they do”.