Bedoukian Research Reaffirms Its Support of Local Healthcare Workers

Bedoukian Research, Inc. has made a significant financial contribution to a fund in place to demonstrate appreciation for the healthcare workers of Danbury Hospital and help them recover from the arduous task of caring for all of those who have been sick during the pandemic.

Danbury Hospital is a 456-bed acute care hospital that serves numerous communities in Fairfield County, Connecticut. For more than 130 years, the hospital has delivered award winning patient care, however, its staff, like others at hospitals around the world, are being stressed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Early on in the pandemic, Bedoukian Research understood the physical and psychological impact Covid-19 was having on healthcare workers and the company sent ice cream trucks to the hospital to offer the workers some treats and to show support and appreciation for their hard work. This new donation will go further to help the healthcare workers in these challenging times but also to make sure they know that their hard work is valued by the community.

Dr. Robert Bedoukian, President of Bedoukian Research, Inc. said, “Our company is located in Danbury, Connecticut and most or our employees reside in the towns that Danbury Hospital serves. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, and certainly over these past 22 months, Danbury Hospital and its staff has been instrumental in caring for our family, friends and neighbors. Lives have been saved because of the hospital’s tireless work force.” Dr. Bedoukian continued, “What we have contributed to this fund to support our local healthcare community pales in comparison to what they do every day. We cannot say ‘Thank You’ enough for the care the selfless team at Danbury Hospital provides.”