Bedoukian Presented Its Fragrance Ingredients to Engaged Attendees at the One Day Symposium

The British Society of Perfumers hosted their annual One Day Symposium on May 25, 2024, and Bedoukian Research’s team of Nathalie Leandri, Bill Hamilton, and Eleanor Badhe were present at the event to demonstrate Bedoukian’s high-impact fragrance ingredients.

As in the past, the One Day Symposium was held at the Whittlebury Hall Hotel in Northamptonshire, UK and it featured information and demonstrations from key industry veterans.  The highlight of the event was the in-person demonstrations of fragrance ingredients from the precenting companies. 

This year marked the 40th anniversary of the symposium and Bedoukian was happy to be a part of the milestone event.  Bedoukian, along with its UK distributor, Stort Group, presented fragrance ingredients to groups of perfumers during the One Day Symposium.  Bedoukian demonstrated four of its high-quality fragrance ingredients in four different fragrance formulas. 

Methyl Anjoulate™ (BRI #535) was presented in a Cinnamon and Apple Fragrance.  Lavender Aldehyde™ FCC (BRI #857-SUS) was presented in a Lavender Bouquet Accord.  Terrasol™ FCC (BRI #818-SUS) was presented in a Patchouli and Amber Accord.  Finally, Bedoukian presented 1,3,5-Undecatriene FCC (BRI #809-SUS) in a Vert De Citron Accord.

Many of the ingredients presented were from Bedoukian’s sustainable ingredient collection each featuring a high percentage of renewable carbon.  Attendees confirmed that sustainable ingredients composed of renewable carbon are a need as their clients are demanding this from their formulations.

Nathalie Leandri, Bedoukian’s Global Sales Director F&F, said, “We always appreciate the opportunity to present our ingredients in-person with Stort Group, and the One Day Symposium is a great event for us to interact with attendees and learn more about what they are wanting in fragrance ingredients and hear how our presented products meet their needs.” 

Nathalie Leandri continued, “It was great seeing everyone and we so appreciate the wonderful feedback we received.  We look forward to the future conversations we will have after this event.”  She concluded “We encourage anyone who was unable to meet with us during the One Day Symposium to visit our page for that event on our website at  I would also be happy to arrange samples or schedule a demonstration if anyone wishes to contact me at”