Bedoukian Introduced Methyl Anjoulate™ to an Eager Audience of Perfumers at the Recent BSP One Day Symposium

Last week, Bedoukian Research, Inc. presented BRI #535, Methyl Anjoulate™, and some of its other high-impact fragrance ingredients to positive reviews at the British Society of Perfumers’ One Day Symposium.

The British Society of Perfumers hosted their 39th One Day Symposium on May 18. This year, the event was extra special since this was the 60th anniversary of the founding of the British Society of Perfumers. 

As customary, the One Day Symposium was held at the Whittlebury Hall Hotel in Northamptonshire, UK and it featured addresses from key industry veterans, as well as in-person demonstrations of fragrance ingredients from six presenting companies.  The One Day Symposium facilitates the goal of the British Society of Perfumers to bring perfumers together to exchange views and items of professional interest.

Bedoukian was one of the companies presenting its ingredients to three groups of perfumers during the One Day Symposium.  Bedoukian demonstrated four of its high-impact fragrance ingredients in five different accords. The presentation included the debut of BRI #535, Methyl Anjoulate, in two different accords as well as one application.  The demonstration also included BRI #387, Tangelal®, in an accord and application. BRI #411, Lactone of Cis Jasmone, was also presented in an accord.  Finally, BRI #614, 2-Octen-4-One was presented in an accord and an application. 

The event allowed Bedoukian to introduce BRI #535 Methyl Anjoulate to the fragrance market.  The response to Methyl Anjoulate was very positive with great reviews from those attending.  The Strawberry Delight accord, featuring BRI 614, 2-Octen-4-One, was also presented and seemed to be the favorite demonstration among attendees.

Nathalie Leandri, Bedoukian’s Managing Director, EMEA, and one of the presenters at the One Day Symposium commented, “The event was a great success.  In recent times, we have come to appreciate any opportunity to meet in person with decision makers in the industry.  The format for the One Day Symposium is particularly helpful as it allows us time to demonstrate Bedoukian’s high-quality ingredients to perfumers looking for new and exciting fragrance ingredients.  This is the reason why we chose this event to introduce Methyl Anjoulate along with presenting some other great Bedoukian ingredients.”  Nathalie Leandri summarized the core benefit of participating, “The direct feedback we received on our fragrance ingredients was invaluable.”

For any company that was unable to attend the BSP One Day Symposium, we encourage you to contact Nathalie Leandri at  She can arrange to send samples of Bedoukian’s fragrance ingredients or schedule a demonstration.