Bedoukian Ingredients are in the News

Bedoukian Research, Inc. has its ingredients regularly reviewed, tested, and reported on by a team of Organoleptic Evaluation Panelists for Perfumer and Flavorist magazine.

Each month, the Organoleptic panel reviews a variety of flavor materials from different suppliers. A column in Perfumer and Flavorist lists the tested ingredients’ odor, taste description (at different levels), and possible applications. This information can help flavorists identify ingredients for the products they are developing.

Bedoukian has been selected as a supplier for the panel’s tests and regularly submits some of its hundreds of ingredients for review. The findings from the panel are then published each month in Perfumer and Flavorist. In recent months, BRI# 365 (E,E) 2,4 Undecadienal (FEMA# 3422, CAS# 30361-29-6), BRI #363 2,4 Nonadienal (FEMA# 3212, CAS# 6750-03-4), BRI# 364 2-trans, 4-trans-Decadienal (FEMA# 3135, CAS# 25152-84-5), BRI# 356 Valencial FCC or trans-2-Dodecnal (FEMA# 2402, CAS# 20407-84-5), BRI# 354 trans-2-Decenal (FEMA# 2366, CAS# 3913-81-3), and BRI# 433EU Ethyl Trans-2, cis-4-decadionate (FEMA# 3148, CAS# 3025-30-7) have all appeared in the magazine’s monthly column. Additional Bedoukian ingredients are scheduled for review in the future.

“We appreciate the work the panel is doing and are happy to have an external team evaluating our products,” said David Bedoukian, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the fifty-year-old business. David went on to say, “We also appreciate Perfumer and Flavorist for publishing the panel’s findings so more people can learn more about some of the great high-quality ingredients Bedoukian is producing.”