Bedoukian Demonstrated Its Fragrance Ingredients to Eager Attendees at SIMPPAR

Last week, Bedoukian Research, Inc. once again participated in SIMPPAR — demonstrating some of its featured high-impact fragrance ingredients throughout the two-day show.

More than 30 years after the French Society of Perfumers held the inaugural edition, SIMPPAR has grown to be the premier international trade fair for raw materials from fragrance producers.  The 2023 event was again held at Espace Champerret in Paris with over 100 exhibitors from more than 20 countries meeting with hundreds of attendees.  Attendees included perfumers, managers, representatives from purchasing, sales, R&D, marketing and more. 

Bedoukian demonstrated four of its high-impact fragrance ingredients in five different accords. The presentation included the recently introduced BRI #535, Methyl Anjoulate, in two different accords as well as one application.  The demonstration also included BRI #387, Tangelal®, in an accord and application. BRI #411, Lactone of Cis Jasmone, was also presented in an accord.  Finally, BRI #614, 2-Octen-4-One was presented in an accord and an application.  Based upon comments at the show, 2-Octen-4-One and Methyl Anjoulate seemed to be the favorite demonstrations.

Nathalie Leandri, Bedoukian’s Managing Director, EMEA, and a member of the Bedoukian team that presented at the event commented, “Getting real time feedback on our ingredients is so valuable and the show is setup perfectly for that.”  Nathalie Leandri continued, “SIMPPAR allows us to meet so many of our customers and prospects in one place.  It is particularly helpful in reaching EU customers which Europe is a very important market for our fragrance ingredients.”

For any company that was unable to attend SIMPPAR, we encourage you to contact Nathalie Leandri at  She can arrange to send samples of Bedoukian’s fragrance ingredients or schedule a demonstration.