Another Great FlavourTalk Event for Bedoukian

Bedoukian Research, Inc. (Bedoukian) participated again in this year’s FlavourTalk Raw Materials Exposition in London.  This annual event was organized by Flavour Horizons, Ltd. In association with the British Society of Flavourists, and it was held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel Conference Centre on March 20, 2024.

Over 30 flavor ingredient suppliers from Europe and beyond participated in FlavourTalk this year. The companies presented their products to nearly 200 attendees.  The roundtable format for the exposition allowed suppliers of raw materials, like Bedoukian, to demonstrate their products and interact with delegates during intimate 20-minute sessions before the next small group of delegates came to Bedoukian’s table.

This year, Bedoukian presented three different high-impact flavor ingredients including the debut of Spilanthol.

Spilanthol (BRI #255).  Bedoukian presented this unique ingredient for the first time at FlavourTalk.  It is a  great oral care product that enhances a mint cooling & tingling effect.  Spilanthol can also be used in a variety of novelty beverages including fruity, flavored waters. BRI #255 was presented in a green mint beverage during the exposition.

Orrisol™ (BRI #330). This ingredient adds naturalness to berry flavors. Orrisol is also great for other fruits, including citrus.  BRI #330 was presented in a blueberry beverage during the exposition.

Cantalal™ (BRI #359).  This ingredient is excellent for enhancing melon notes, especially watermelon, and cantaloupe, in addition to other summer fruit applications.  BRI #359 was presented in a rock melon (cantaloupe) beverage during the exposition.

Bedoukian’s team at the event included Nathalie Leandri, Bedoukian’s Global Sales Director F&F, Maha Ali, Bedoukian’s F&F Application Lab Manager and Helmut Gehle, Bedoukian’s Senior Flavor Consultant.  Said Nathalie Leandri, “Our team enjoyed the dinner and conversations the night before the exposition began.  The opportunity to then present and interact with flavorists from all over the world during the exposition was invaluable.” 

Nathalie Leandri continued, “We were particularly excited to showcase Spilanthol for the first time and we had wonderful feedback on the ingredient from those present. The format of FlavourTalk is very conducive for getting feedback from flavorists and all of our flavor demonstrations were very well-received.” 

Nathalie Leandri concluded, “We are confident that conversations begun at FlavourTalk will lead to some great things for Bedoukian.  We encourage anyone who was unable to meet with us during FlavourTalk to contact me at so we can