How do I search for a product?

Quick Search:

In the center of the Home Page there is a “Simple Search” field for keywords or product codes. You can also use this field for CAS/FEMA numbers, synonyms, odor, etc.

Advanced Search:

On the right of the Home Page under “Quick Links” there is an Advanced Search link. Here you can search via keyword, BRI Product Code, CAS #, FEMA #, odor, taste, etc.

Note: These are all-encompassing searches and may give multiple results for number inputs. For example, entering “444” will result in BRI Product Code 444 and any products whose CAS/FEMA numbers contain 444 within them.

 All Flavors: 

 If you are interested in seeing all our Flavor offerings go to the bottom of the search list and click “FEMA” or “EU FLAVIS”.

 Nature Identical Materials: 

If you are interested in seeing all our Nature Identical offerings, click on Nature Identical and choose “Yes”. “No” will give you the products that don’t qualify as Nature Identical and “Both” will give you a list of all products.Type in the CAS Number in the Keywords or BRI Product # field in the “Quick Search” box on the home page or on the “Advanced Search” page.


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