Bedoukian’s FlavourTalk Flavor Demonstrations

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Spilanthol, (BRI 255) ((2E,6E/Z,8E)-N-(2-methyl propyl)-2,6,8-decatrienamide)

A great oral care product that enhances a mint cooling & tingling effect. Also, it can be used in a variety of novelty beverages including fruity, flavored waters. Presented in a green mint beverage.

Orrisol™ (BRI #330) (3,6-Nonadienol)

Adds naturalness to berry flavors. Great for other fruits, including citrus.  Presented in a blueberry beverage.

Cantalal™ (BRI #359) (cis-5-Octenal)

Excellent for enhancing melon notes, especially watermelon, and cantaloupe, in addition to other summer fruit applications.  Presented in a rock melon (cantaloupe) beverage.

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