Nuezate: Making an Impact

Don’t miss the opportunity to read John Wright’s latest article “Flavor Bites: Ethyl 3-methyl 2-oxo-pentanoate” in the May issue of Perfumer & Flavorist featuring Nuezate (BRI 728), a brand-new ingredient for Bedoukian in 2018! A truly versatile ingredient, Nuezate offers a unique profile that can be useful in an exciting variety of applications. It is excellent for adding earthy notes typical of many tree nuts to sweet and roasted applications, in addition to enhancing brown, savory and fruit flavors. From the sweet-woodiness of walnut to the savoriness of Kishibori Shoyu the possibilities seem endless. Request your sample today by contacting Customer Service or calling us at (203) 830-4000 to speak with a representative. 

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