Interactive Catalog

Bedoukian Research is pleased to introduce our Interactive Catalog for fragrances.


Our i-Catalog is a unique web-based application that allows you to “click through” our fragrance ingredients and easily discover new molecules that meet the needs of your current projects. 

The i-Catalog portrays our fragrance ingredients in a new way — designed specifically to allow you to easily compare molecules at a glance. We worked with several perfumers to prepare a comprehensive evaluation of our specialty offerings, and used those evaluations to categorize our ingredients into families, sub-families, and then include a list of the facets and nuances that make up the overall character of each ingredient. Categorizing the molecules in this way allows you to see a complete picture of what each molecule offers, and our creative interface was designed to help you see the nuances that separate molecules in each field, and help you find the molecule you need to win your next brief.

For your convenience, we have helpful “How To” guides for our i-Catalog in English, French, and Japanese.

A short Instructional Video has also been created to help you fully understand the Interactive Catalog’s complete functionality.