For over 40 years Bedoukian has been creating innovative molecules for fragrance applications which are used in products across the globe. For each new molecule, extensive stability and application testing is performed to better demonstrate how these ingredients can be used by perfumers.  Click here for advanced search.

Honeyflor (BRI 123): A powerful green note with a strong floral character and honey undertones. Useful in a variety of gourmand and floral compositions, specifically hyacinth and muguet. Click here to request a sample.

Fruitaleur (BRI 9840): A fruity-tropical, ethereal character with subtle notes of pear and pineapple. Useful for imparting juicy pineapple, red fruit and blueberry notes working well in fruity and green complexes. Click here to request a sample.

Ethyl 2,4-Decadienoate (BRI 433): An enticing, green, characteristic odor of a Bartlett pear combined with tropical fruit nuances. Excellent for imparting a juicy, ripe Bartlett pear note of distinction to fruity florals. Also useful in pear, apple and mango applications. Click here to request a sample.

2-Dodecenal (High Trans) FCC (BRI 356):  An aldehydic, waxy, citrus character similar to mandarin orange with herbal nuances. Useful as a top note to achieve a fresh, clean mandarin orange, waxy effect. Click here to request a sample.

Limediene (BRI 962): A unique combination of lemon-lime, tropical, marine, and watery notes. Excellent for imparting freshness and power, working extremely well in “cool water” accords. Click here to request a sample.

Cardamom Aldehyde FCC (BRI 381): A powerful, spicy, aldehydic, citrus note that is reminiscent of the exhilarating odor of freshly crushed cardamom pods. An excellent top note for all types, imparting a unique cardamom, herbal, spicy note with shades of chamomile and mandarin. Click here to request a sample.



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