CSA Roundtable 2019

On Thursday, May 9th, Bedoukian Research exhibited at the CSA’s Roundtable. The event took place at the Liberty Airport Marriott Hotel in Newark, New Jersey and featured over 25 industry suppliers, each presenting a wide range of raw materials while providing a unique experience for all Creative, Technical, and Purchasing individuals.

During the event, Bedoukian sampled beverages flavored with the following high impact molecules:

  • Apritone (FEMA 3829) shown in a Lychee Flavored Water.
  • Tropical Dienoate (FEMA 3682 & 3344) shown in a Pineapple Flavored Water. 
  • 9-Decenoic Acid (FEMA 3660) shown in a Coconut Flavored Milk.
  • Guavanate (FEMA 4165) shown in a Coconut Flavored Milk.

If you were unable to attend this year’s event and would like to receive additional product information or request samples, please contact Customer Service.

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