British Society Perfumers - One Day Symposium

On May 11th, 2017, Bedoukian Research makes its return to the British Society of Perfumer’s 35th One Day Symposium taking place in the United Kingdom. The event will feature several industry suppliers, each presenting a handful of fragrance molecules used to formulate a variety of finished applications. During the second half of the day, Bedoukian will present the following ingredients:

  • Honeyflor (BRI# 123, CAS# 13894-61-6). Shown in a Chocolate and Flower Garden accord.
  • Guavanate (BRI# 493, CAS# 41654-15-3). Shown in a Pink Guava and Asian Flower accord.
  • Limediene (BRI# 962, CAS# 30640-46-1). Shown in an Ice Water and High Tea accord.

Bedoukian is thrilled to be given the opportunity to meet with our colleagues and partners throughout the fragrance industry and we look forward to seeing you there!

For additional information or to request samples, please contact us or call our Customer Service at (203) 830-4000.

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